Brrrr…… On our way home :)

I know why we left the frozen north – it is SO cold out there but before I tell you where we are let me update you on the last couple days.

Thursday we came across the Mojave Desert in California so did get some of the strong winds. It was a long day, not due to the weather but because we had to get above Sacramento that night in order to be close to pick up on Friday morning. We have kept ourselves on Central Time this whole trip which has worked really well but has meant that once we came into Pacific Time we have been getting up in the dark to go to breakfast! Friday morning we were at breakfast by 6am PT & in the truck by 7am. We only had 30 mins to go to pick up the sheep & it was a beautiful morning. It took a while for me to back up to the loading shute and then the sheep took a while to load as they were not really sure that they wanted to go in the trailer but we were soon on our way.

Richard & I had made the decision on Thursday evening that the best route home for us would be the northern route due to the winds & snow on the southern route. (The snow in the north was ahead of us.) That was a wise decision after seeing some of the damage from the bad winds & also hearing about all the snow that northern Arizona had. SO yesterday found us coming through the Sierra Nevada Mountains for the first time. What beauty surrounded us.

We stopped in Truckee, CA for lunch which is by Donner Lake & from there headed into Nevada. Then the winds began to blow & the cold temps came in. Ouch! Last night we stayed in Elko, NV. Thankfully the hotel had an outside socket so we could plug the truck in. Feel kind of sorry for the sheep as they have never experienced temperatures this cold but at least they have their thick winter coats on & there are several in each compartment to help keep each other warm.

On the road early again this morning & had a good day traveling. The last time we had come through Utah we had “hit” the Salt Flats just as it was getting dark so had not stopped. Today we came through in the morning so were able to get out.

The wind was blowing & it was COLD but we all got out & ran on the Flats for a few minutes & I was able to take a few pictures.

Poor Caleb couldn’t quite understand why his hands were hurting with the cold. I should add here that we have NO coats or gloves with us etc so only in T-shirts & sweatshirts! We had not planned to come this way so didn’t think we would need them! The truck was nice & warm so we soon warmed up & the kids all have blankets back there.

We got to Rawlins, Wyoming this evening. The roads had been clear all the way until we came into Rawlins. As I took the exit off I realized there was ice! Uh Oh! THEN I realized there was snow on the roads. Not good when the truck does not have 4WD & is pulling such a weight. When Richard had booked us into the hotel they had told him to tell me to park out front on the road as the lampposts had plug ins in them. LOL! When I came to the road, it was a dead end road so somehow I had to turn around to be facing the right way on the street. Simple thought I! Just drive in one hotel entrance & out the other. Hah! Driving in was simple but coming out there was a hill. I got half way up & that was it! The truck was not going anywhere. I was a little scared as the columns of the hotel lobby were right behind me. I could just imagine the truck with all the weight slipping back into them. Michelle got out to watch my back & I gingerly backed down so that I was on the level. Oh & yes it was 0F out there! Once I was on the level I went into the hotel to ask if there were any plug ins else where. The girl on the desk kindly put on her coat & went out back to investigate. She found 2 that she hadn’t known were there so we were able to drive around the hotel & park. Phew! That could have been tricky. I had visions of us having to be pulled out somehow.

Anyways got to our room & then had a nice swim in the pool. Not swam much this trip so this was a treat for all of us. We hope to get to Grand Island, Nebraska tomorrow night & then home by Monday night. Done over 3000 miles so far so we’re on track.

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