On our way home :)

You may not understand how good it feels to be going home but I am very much relieved. After some discussion last night Richard & I decided the best course of action was to purchase a “new to us” truck in Ohio & get us & the trailer all home. We looked at a few options but it was late so decided to continue our search this morning.

Richard was on Paramedic duty today & got called out on a transport early this morning so that left me to do the truck searching. After breakfast Michelle took Daniel and Hannah out to the pool so that I only had Caleb in the hotel room whilst I called around. Each phone call led me to someone else which was good as in the end I talked to a large  truck dealership about 24 miles away. (Finding a reasonably priced Dually is not easy.) By this time Richard was back in contact so we agreed that I should go take a look. Called the taxi, got the kids out of the pool & off we went.

To cut a long story short we ended up purchasing a black 1999 Ford F350 Dually, 7.3ltr diesel engine that has been locally owned in Pennsylvania. It has 230,000 miles on the clock but runs smoother than our truck ever has. Makes me think that something has been wrong with the new engine they put in last year all along – we just didn’t realize it. Now of course this truck is old but apparently the 7.3 litre engines go for hundreds of thousands of miles without any problems so we’ll see. Our plan is to resell it once we have ours back as it is only 2wd & we need 4wd on the farm plus it has the extended cab not full cab so the back seat does not have as much room as ours. Also there are only bucket seats in the front & not a bench seat so not room for us all when Richard is with us BUT I am not complaining. It is absolutely fine for now & it certainly beats being stuck in a hotel!

We were not able to gain access to our truck today so the GPS, maps, toys etc  have all been left behind. We didn’t empty the truck on Wednesday as we were expecting it back within a day or two.

Finally got out of the hotel by 4:30pm so made it to Indianopolis this evening. Should be home by tomorrow evening. Everyone is looking forward to seeing Richard again. We will have been on the road 3 weeks.

Take care,


2 Responses to “On our way home :)”

  1. Lee McKenney says:

    Liz, I can imagine how happy and good it feels to be on the way home. Be safe and may the ole boy Ford F350 Dually be good to you and yours!


  2. Mickie says:

    All is well that ends well and you will be home soon. I know you and the kids will be glad. Take a break girl and slow down a little. lol As if you would.

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