Hovis at The Badlands

5 photos in this post. 

Hovis has not enjoyed the days in the last few weeks when it has been damp and cold. Although she would go outside it was not long before she was shivering and wanting to be back in. Today was a different matter! She wanted to be outside first thing as the sun was shining and it was warm. Richard took her out before breakfast as the kids were already outside playing and then of course she came out with us when we explored some of The Badlands. Coming in from the western side (Exit 110 – I90) we stopped at the first viewpoint:

Towards the eastern end of the park we stopped to do some more exploring and climbing. Daniel climbed all the way to the top of this!

You can see him on his way up with Hannah in the center. Hovis and I are on the left.

I went some of the way up with Hovis but the rock is very crumbly so didn’t venture all the way.

Hovis liked the rock as she could break bits off.



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