Hovis turned 1 on April 19th!

This time last year we had NO clue that in just over 3 weeks we would be bringing home a 4 week old Scarlet Macaw! LOL! Not only did Hovis turn 1 on April 19th but we also celebrated a year living in the fifth wheel! Any regrets? No! Sometimes we still have to pinch ourselves to ensure that we are indeed living this dream. None of us have any desire to go back to the farm although we definitely miss being able to raise our own meat.

Have we lacked anything this past year after moving from 2400 sq. ft. to 450 sq. ft.? In all honesty, no. After being asked if we have any regrets, the next most common question we are being asked this year is if we traveled a lot last year. My answer to that is, “Well, the truck was brand new last year with about 500 miles on the clock. It now as 22,000!” Yes, that really sums it up. Of course our first trip of the year was supposedly just to give the truck and fifth wheel a run. The week long trip to Pigeon Forge, TN was supposed to be a cheap vacation! LOL! So much for that with bringing Hovis home and then having to buy her cage! No regrets there either though as she is very much loved. We were SO blessed to be able to go out west not once, but twice last year, once to California and secondly to Idaho. This year we are planning to stay in Branson until the end of the season. Does that mean we are any less full-time RVers? I don’t think so. Richard continues to work as a paramedic part time for both a local ambulance district and Silver Dollar City. He also works here on the park helping folks connect to the new WiFi system. If he had the time that would be a full-time job! Our website and hosting business continues to grow which we are SO thankful for and we are also stocking/running TWO craft booths here in town as well as homeschooling and raising the three children. YES, life is busy but that’s okay. We know this is where God wants us this year. Daniel tends to be a little dramatic in his thinking and this is a good lesson for him. We keep telling all of them, that this is what’s happening this year. It does not mean that the same thing will be happening next year. We have NO clue! We are just going with the flow.

The season is just beginning to busy up here in Branson so more familiar faces are coming back onto the park along with some new ones . Always exciting to meet friends from previous years but it is also great to meet new friends too. We all love the variety and hope to be a little more involved with all the activities this year on the park. With traveling so much last year, we were not here as much as we had been in previous years. Daniel is planning on being a lifeguard this year so that will be great experience for him. This is a great place for his first job as he can cycle to work and back. Bruce, one of our friends, has been doing some fantastic work on our cargo trailer. Daniel has been helping him as they have put an insulated roof on the inside so it won’t get so hot in the summer. We now have LED strip lights in there so that once we have shelving etc. I will be able to work out there rather than always dragging stuff into the camper. We are SO thankful to Bruce for doing this for us as we do not have the time.

So we’re looking forward to another exciting year. Lots of ideas and thoughts running through our heads, just not enough hours in the day to act on them all:)



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