Hovis at The Landing

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Having not been down to the Branson Landing for quite some time, today was the day! We had to return books to the library first and of course, take out new ones but from there The Landing is just a short drive away. I had no idea it was quite as warm as it was until we were on our way home and saw that it was 91F, hottest day of the year so far. No wonder Hovis was panting but she enjoyed herself.

Kids had fun too and Hovis got to meet quite a few different folks. She got a little unsociable over the winter with not being out as much and not so many folks around. Now with the nice weather and plenty of people who want to pet her etc. she is learning to be more tolerant. Of course, we do not trust that beak of hers one little bit so do advise admirers not to put their hand anywhere near it but rather to pet her down the back whilst we tickle her neck thus preventing her biting anyone. She is VERY particular as to who is allowed to pet her. Sometimes she likes strangers enough to fly to them. If she does that we tell them that they are very honored as it is a rare occurrence. As someone noted today, she never flinched when Daniel came up behind her and started petting her. Quite funny as I’m pretty sure she wasn’t looking but obviously could sense who it was. If it had been a stranger she would have turned around in a jiffy!

The last pet we took down to watch the Fire and Water fountain show was Maddie, our old German Shepherd. She was terrified of the fire and loud noises, cowering under Richard’s legs. I wondered how Hovis would react today. She was hot so I stood quite close to it so that she would get some spray from the fountain. She jumped a little when the fire came but was otherwise unperturbed.  She quickly got used to it and enjoyed the water spray on her feathers.

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