Acrobatic Hovis

3 pictures in this post. 

Who needs to go watch a show when you have Hovis? Okay, I am just joking as the shows here in Branson are excellent. HOWEVER several months ago Richard made Hovis an outdoor perch not for us to leave her outside unattended but rather one that she can sit on when we are outside with her. At first she didn’t like it and/or was scared of it. Richard finally enticed her on to it a few weeks ago with a stone. (Hovis loves small stones to grind her beak on.) Since then she absolutely loves her perch. (That is not our camper in the background.)

Even more recently she has become quite the acrobatic using her leash to lower herself down from the top. It is very amusing to watch.

As you can see from this photo she also hangs on from her beak. We get questions from folks about the strength of her beak on a regular basis. Her beak is strong! She will hold on to Richard’s finger like this when we are out walking and as she is not biting, it does not hurt him. (I don’t let her do it with me as my skin is thinner.) HOWEVER if she wanted to bite she could do some serious damage. Watch her crack the shell of a hard nut and you will soon understand!

Hovis has become a lot more sociable this summer. She regularly flies to people she likes. We have NO clue as to why she flies to certain people and not others but she does let us know. She will start bobbing. When she does this we warn/ask the person concerned if they mind her coming over. Most are absolutely thrilled. One or two are scared and then, if we catch her in time, we prevent her from flying to them. Hovis will not permit the ‘privileged’ person to touch her but will sit on their shoulder. Of course lots of folks want to pet her and when that is the case we hold her beak to prevent her biting them. If she flies to them she generally does not bite which is a good thing.

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