Homestudy for Adoption #4

This is a day of good news for y’all! Today we started the home-study process for Adoption #4. Very exciting! We had wanted to do this adoption last year (2011) & had actually sent off our application to an agency. Believe it or not, they cashed our check but we never heard from them! That is OK though as what with the truck blowing up & other things our finances did not quite pan out as we had planned. Then Richard heard of a local lady that does home-studies & works as a facilitator. Daniel’s adoption was done through a Facilitation Agency so we kind of knew what to expect. Richard called her & really felt that she was the one we were to go through. It turns out that her hubby is from England!

Beth & Ken came out here today to meet us all, look at the house, ask us all those lovely questions etc. We had a great visit. Tomorrow morning Richard & I go for our medicals which are pretty straight forward, we have the forms to fill out for the criminal background checks, we have to do about 8 hours of “Adoption” training to meet Missouri State laws & then in 4-6 weeks Beth should have everything completed 🙂 Because we have adopted before we do not have to have all the training which is nice. Missouri is an adoption friendly state which is one of the reasons we moved here. We are open to adopting anywhere in the USA, any race, girl or boy and will consider special needs and even twins. We would like a newborn.

Who does God have in store for us? We have NO idea. Each adoption we have done has been different but we have been SO blessed. We are ready as we can be for this next “adventure” in our lives and the children are excited too. Hannah asked if they were bringing us the baby today!

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  1. SueB says:

    Are all of your children adopted? I think what you are doing is wonderful.

  2. Lee McKenney says:

    you and Richard are truly remarkable people, in spirit, mind and heart. I can hear the excitement in your words about this new venture for your family.

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