How are we coping?


Once in a while we get the question asked of us about how we are coping during this long adoption wait. We don’t talk about it much here on the blog simply because we know it can get a little monotonous when someone goes on and on about something. With that said, I think it is time to share a little bit about the 3 1/2 year wait thus far. Maybe our experience will help encourage some of you who are waiting, not necessarily for an adoption but something else major in your life.

The wait is NOT always easy. Most of the time we are fine and coping well but there are sometimes that the wait gets to us. Last week I was a mess. By the time Thursday rolled around I was an emotional wreck and very glad of Richard’s shoulder to cry on. Letting it all out helped and Friday morning was a new day and I was able to cope again.

Saturday afternoon we received a call from Lifetime, our adoption agency. Were we willing for them to show our profile to a birthmom who had just given birth the previous evening? Although the baby was healthy the pediatrician suspected Down’s Syndrome. Baby would be released the following day with no official diagnosis or tests results back. We had 15 minutes to give Lifetime our answer! No long prayer time here folks. Richard was not even at home but thankfully I was able to get hold of him. What was our answer? We both felt that we had to say, “Not our will but YOURS Lord” so we said “Yes” to Lifetime sharing our profile. They told us to stay by the phone and keep it charged! I’m not sure how many of you have any idea what that feels like but every time the phone went that day, it felt like my heart skipped a beat! We heard nothing and certainly only slept fitfully that night. On Tuesday we learned that the birthmom had taken the baby home to place with another family. SO we continue to wait.

Has this happened before! Yes! Last year, 2014 was extremely stressful regarding the adoption process. A contact from our social worker had put us in touch with a gal who was expecting twins. We and our social worker truly believed that she would place the twins with us. It did not happen! Do we understand? No! We were involved in that situation for several weeks and it was very difficult and at times heartbreaking.

What’s going on here? We honestly have no idea. Most of the time we do not know when Lifetime presents our profile which is good as that would be way too stressful. We know that God has a plan and one of these days we will get the call that is a “go”. Both of us believe the incident on Saturday was a test to see whether we would say “Not our will but YOURS Lord” to whoever God wants to place in our arms. We had just been speaking with a friend earlier in the week about a time when we were dating, MANY years ago. Richard had a job opportunity in London which back then was a HUGE move to us who had not traveled that much. Being young and in love we didn’t want to be separated. (We’re still in love but not so young!) Just the same as on Saturday, we had to come to the place where we said “Not our will but YOURS Lord”. When we came to that place, God closed all the doors and the job went nowhere so we were still together. (Another job opened up close to home at the time.)

Throughout this wait the other children are watching how we handle everything. I don’t believe it is always easy for them either but how we react hopefully will guide them into how to react when they face the tough things of life later on.

In the meantime we continue to live life to the fullest, praying each day that we will get that call and be on our way to pick up the newest edition/editions to the Pomeroy family!



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  1. lacyquilter says:

    Liz, thanks for sharing your journey. Someone posted this on facebook several days ago… ‘If God shuts a door, stop hanging onto it! Trust that whatever is behind it is not meant for you.’

    God’s plans and ways are far above & beyond what we can even imagine. Keep on trusting. Hugs!

    • liz says:

      Thanks so much 🙂 You are absolutely right! We continue to look forward with expectant hearts as to what God is going to do in our lives.
      Blessings, Liz

  2. Janet Sisk says:

    Thanks for the adoption update. Yes, I am still stalking your blog. 😀

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