Our Adoption Home Study is complete :)

Our social worker & her husband came out on Sunday & handed us our completed Home Study! Whoo Hoo! For those of you not familiar with adoption laws etc no one can adopt without a completed Home Study. In that Home Study are details of each member of the family, proof that our Criminal Background Checks were clean, details on our home and way of life etc, references from family & friends, proof that we have completed the number of hours training required by Missouri law & much more. That Home Study is then valid for 12mths, after which time it has to be updated.

Now that we have the Home Study, if anyone calls us or our social worker regarding a placement, a copy of the Home Study can/will be sent to them. SO now we are in the next waiting period. We are open to adopting a baby/child/children up to the age of 18 mths, any race, sex & children classed as “Special Needs.” That child can be anywhere in the USA – we have not made any restrictions & will make a decision on a case by case basis when we are presented with a Profile.

What will God send us this time? We obviously have no idea but we are excited to find out & will certainly keep you all posted.


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  1. Dave S. says:

    You never finished the Amos story. Is he back with you? What sort of enclosure was he in? Multi-strand (8 is best for bulls) hi-tensile? If not – it’s not really fair to label him as naughty. He’s a bull – and bulls will be bulls when there are heifers or cows around. There are NO ‘nice’ bulls. They need more than a pain-barrier-fence; they absolutely need to be physically prevented from moving where you don’t want them. It would be a terrible shame to butcher such a fine breeding animal. Again – bulls are bulls – they’re oftentimes not nice – but, such is their nature. Unless you’re going to AI your cows you need to understand that bulls are ‘special needs’ livestock. D

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