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  1. Dave S.
    March 21, 2012 @ 5:22 am

    You never finished the Amos story. Is he back with you? What sort of enclosure was he in? Multi-strand (8 is best for bulls) hi-tensile? If not – it’s not really fair to label him as naughty. He’s a bull – and bulls will be bulls when there are heifers or cows around. There are NO ‘nice’ bulls. They need more than a pain-barrier-fence; they absolutely need to be physically prevented from moving where you don’t want them. It would be a terrible shame to butcher such a fine breeding animal. Again – bulls are bulls – they’re oftentimes not nice – but, such is their nature. Unless you’re going to AI your cows you need to understand that bulls are ‘special needs’ livestock. D


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