Hodgson Mill

Along with signing up with Lifetime for our next adoption there are several things that we have to do for them, one of which is creating a Profile i.e Photo Album which includes a letter to a Birthmom telling her more about ourselves. Lifetime really likes their adoptive parents to use a Professional Photographer for the picture on the front page but with it being winter here in Missouri, natural beauty is a little hard to find so we decided to do our own photo “shoot” for now. If we need to update our Profile front page pic later we will.

Where to go to take these pics? About 10 miles south of here is Hodgson Mill. On Saturday we headed down there to try & get some photos. It was not ideal but at least it was greener than most places. We took over 50 pics & only had 4 that were anywhere near good of us. In talks with Lifetime they have agreed that this is the one we should use for the front cover:

Us - Profile

We also took some of the kids:

Kids - Profile

SO what about the place itself – very picturesque and if you are ever down in this neck of the woods, well worth a visit.


The water is SO clear. It looks like there is a spring right at the top of the Falls where it comes out. We didn’t explore that much as the place is locked up for the winter.

hm2 We are not using these next two pics in the Profile due to the light not being right but I still like them. The kids on a different tree trunk:

Kids 2

Us by the Falls:

Us 2

Duke & Michelle “posed” for this next pic when we were out on our walk. Lifetime do not like you to put pictures of your pets in the Profile unless someone is pictured with them.

michelle and Duke

We, well mostly Richard, have been working on getting the Profile completed. Hope to be pretty close to finishing by the end of this weekend. Then what is next? We need to film a 4 minute video. Been thinking a lot about that today & have written down some ideas. Hope to also film that over the next few days. Lots to do but it will be worth it 🙂

In the meantime if you want to view “our” page on Lifetime please click here. It is not completed but it has made a lot of progress seeing as we have only been signed up for a few days. Heidi, their website manager, is the one who creates the pages & updates them. She is really fast & very efficient.


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  1. Mickie says:

    Visited your profile and it is fantastic. Praying for great results.

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