Updated Puppy Pics

Here you go! I know some of you are dying to see what the puppies look like now. They are HANDSOME! There are still 3 boys here that need to find a good home – although we love them we really do not need or want 4 puppies. Just keeping Carina the little girl. Here’s one puppy:


Here are two puppies giving Michelle kisses:


This pic is of Carina (left) & Mox hiding behind the slide. The kids have given them all names & know which is which!



2 Responses to “Updated Puppy Pics”

  1. Lee says:

    Oh Liz, you know I’ve been waiting to see more puppy pictures. The puppies are just precious. Do the puppies go after the chickens and ducks? I already know they are friends with the pigs. All you will need to do is get someone out to the farm, once they see the pups, they will take one home. They are just beautiful.

  2. Holly says:

    Awwwww…… can you just see my heart melting here? Those puppies are adorable!!!!!!!!!!! Their coloring is gorgeous, and I bet my Daisy baby (yellow lab puppy) would love to play with these frisky puppies!! LOL

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