Just three puppies left

Can you believe it? The puppies were 8 weeks old yesterday. Due to us heading to Great Falls we were able to take one puppy (Sammy Lou) with us to meet her new owners. She will be very much loved & adored in her new home – a great match. Jake’s (sire) owners came to pick up their puppy (Edward) today & also one for their mom. That puppy is headed all the way to Kentucky. Another gal is coming to get her “baby” (Mox) on Thursday so that leaves us with just 3 to find homes for as we are keeping one of the girls – Carina.

We are so pleased how well these pups have turned out. Although they all have different personalities they are very mellow & talk about good looking! Who could resist those sorrowful eyes & silky, curly ears?!

Mildred’s three piglets pretty much go exactly where they want to & have become quite good pals with the puppies. It was funny at the moving sale because folks would be looking at stuff trying not to trip over puppies & then along would come three piglets quite happy to be petted as well although I don’t think anyone braved it except us who know them. Anyways last week we were able to capture some pics of the puppies & piglets together so enjoy:


As you can see in this next pic, piglets, kids & puppies all play together – the piglet is lying beside one of Daniel’s trucks:


Here you can see a puppy with its head on a piglet’s rear end:


Now is where the fun really starts. No time for sleeping, just time to play. No this piglet is not dead, apparently just happy to be a chew toy!




Ears are for chewing!


Let’s all pile on:


Bella is going to the groomer’s tomorrow. We made the mistake of not taking her before she had the pups so she is really matted. They will need to shave her so as to get rid of all her tangles but that OK as it will keep her cool for the trip & she soon grows her fir back.
Summer has gone here. There are already a few bright yellow leaves on the trees & the high on Sunday & Monday was only 53F! Yep! It’s cold! It did warm up in to the 60’s today but I’m back in winter pyjamas. I really don’t want to get the kids’ winter clothes out as I know in 2 weeks we will be on our way to much warmer climes & have to put them all away again.


5 Responses to “Just three puppies left”

  1. lacyquilter says:

    Oh, how cute they are!

  2. Holly says:

    Awwwwwwwwwwww my heart is just melting looking at those darling puppies! Too funny that they are ganging up on the piggie – looks like they are all having a great time.

  3. Lee says:

    What adorable pictures. If I lived closer, I would be verrrrrrrry tempted to buy one of those pups. I know you are going to be super busy with the move, just want to wish you a safe move and travel. I will catch up with you once you are settled in your new place.

  4. Maria R. says:

    Omy goodness, that pile up is funny. Piglet is such a good sport to let his furry friends play on top of him!

  5. Jackie Ranieri says:

    Hi Liz….thanks so much for keeping us updated!!! The puppies and piglets are sooooooo cute!!! They look like they are having so much fun!!! Praying for all of you with the big move coming!!
    love ya, and may God bless you and yours,

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