Jake & Bella

As most of you know Jake & Bella are proud parents of 8 adorable puppies but I have never shown you good pics of Jake. We took these when Jake was here & whilst Bella still had her slim figure 🙂 Getting Jake to stand still or even look partially “proper” was impossible but as you can see he is quite the good looker. He is a lot bigger than Bella.


Here’s another one:


Bella on the other hand is petite & VERY feminine.


Here’s another one of her sitting:


Bella loves to swim & play with sticks. Here she is in action:


Here she is with her tongue out:


Both dogs have great temperaments. Bella is a very active dog, running everywhere whereas Jake is very laid back. Bella is a very good bird dog & will point. Both Bella & Jake have Champions in their ancestry. When we took Bella for dog training in the early days the trainer told us we should show her. Bella is TOP quality, out of Fleetwood Farms in Ohio. Both are Mahogany.

7 of the puppies are dark mahogany & 1 is a little lighter. They are all very content although some are a little more vocal than others. They are pretty much evenly sized. The puppies are all AKC registered & we will provide you with a 5 generation pedigree. There are 4 males & 2 females for sale to approved homes only. These puppies need space to run. They will be very active so the new owners must have a suitable lifestyle to accommodate them. As you all know, puppies are very demanding in the first few months of life – they need alot of love & training to make good dogs. These puppies are being raised in the house & are being well socialized. They get a lot of cuddles & are used to children picking them up at any time. Bella is an incredible mom – these puppies are well fed & cared for by her. The males are $600 & the females are $800.

This picture was taken tonight – 2 1/2 weeks old:


Here’s Michael with one on Sunday:


Look how peaceful this one looks in Jessie’s arms:


The different light these pics were taken in are the reason for the “appearance” of difference in color on the puppies.

If you are interested give us a call or email. They were born July 5th & will be ready to leave at 8 weeks old – Aug 30th, 2010. A deposit of $200 will hold the puppy of your choice.



3 Responses to “Jake & Bella”

  1. Lee says:

    Oh my, what beautiful puppies. I wondered if Bella was from Fleetwood Farms breeding. She is so pretty, she stands very natural and looks correct to me. Poor Jake does not look as good in his pictures Liz. Will he stand still by himself so you can get a better topline picture of him. I can see the big bone on him however. The pups look real good and am I happy to hear Bella is being a great mom. Best luck finding the right homes for the puppies, they are just so cute. As you know, I look forward to these updates.

  2. Holly says:

    Ohhhhhhhhhhh these tiny little puppies are adorable!!! I wanna hold em!!!!!

  3. bella says:

    awwww…….so cute has the same name as me bella cornish.

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