Twin Lambs!


Went out to the barn yesterday morning to discover that Iris had had twins! This is the first time since we have had her that she has produced twins. Up until now she has always given us a single ram. As you may be able to see from the picture, one lamb was much bigger than the other. The ram lamb was up running around when I went out there. The little ewe lamb (left), whom Hannah has called Carly, was not properly cleaned off and was baaing loudly. I decided to leave her with mama and go back out at lunchtime even though I suspected she wasn’t doing so well. It’s always best to let nature and the mama take care of things if they will.

However when we went back out around noon, Carly was sleeping by herself. Iris and the ram lamb were out in the field. Quickly got a bottle and Carly drank it down. Continued to bottle feed her yesterday leaving her out in the barn as the temperatures were above freezing and she was not cold. When we went out at 6, just as it was getting dark, the rest of the sheep were in but no sign of Carly. Oh dear! Caleb shone his flashlight and got a glimpse of her eyes. She was by herself in the field by a gate. Hannah grabbed her and we fed her and put her by the big hay bale hoping she would stay put. When I went out at 9pm she was still there.

This morning as soon as the sun was up she was out yelling. I had to go out today so Richard and the kids have been feeding her. When I got home. Richard said that she had been keeping up with the sheep all day and last thing tonight he saw her attempting to drink from Iris so will she graft back onto her? Time will tell and I’ll keep you posted! Iris is 7 1/2 years old so getting up there but has plenty of milk so should be able to feed both babies.



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