Sunshine! Yee Haa!


With December being a decidedly dreary month with only about 5 days of sun, we are all rejoicing in the beautiful blue skies that have now appeared along with the cold front. As you can see, even the sheep, who were “hiding” yesterday due to the wind, are now out enjoying grass instead of hay. They have a big hay bale to chew on in the barn if the weather is too yucky for them to go out in and they make that decision themselves as to whether they go in or out. We do not shut them in.


Iris is getting really big and her bag is filling up. Just praying that she lambs during the day so we can help warm the lambs if needed as the next few nights are supposed to rather frigid here.

It’s not only the animals out enjoying the weather, so are the kids! They have not been out for a long period of time for days and days. Daniel got a fire going so they have just roasted marshmallows and Daniel and Caleb continue to be out playing with their campfire.

This morning as I was on the phone, Richard and the kids saw a Greater Roadrunner walk right by the house! We have seen them before when traveling but never here on the farm.

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