Photo Shoot – Daniel

Over this week I plan on sharing some of the pics that we had taken at our photo shoot a few weeks back. All these photos and more will be sent to the respective birth families so that they can enjoy them. Going from eldest to youngest so here are some of Daniel. who is 11, soon to be 12.


On the tire swing:


Comparing muscles with Richard!


Richard can still lift Daniel up and throw him over his shoulder 🙂


On the stile:



Adoption is an amazing gift. We know it is never easy placing a child you have carried in your womb into the hands of another to raise up as their own but Richard and I are SO SO thankful that each of our birthmother’s made that decision and chose us for their child. Daniel is very blessed to know both his birthparents and yes, he does look like them, more so as he matures. He will always have that heritage/connection and know that they care for him. His younger sister who lives with his birthparents even spoke to him on the phone the other day which is great. Daniel is very secure in who he is.

November is actually Adoption Awareness month. With other, not so nice, options available adoption gives a child the gift of life, the greatest gift. Thank you birthparents, not just ours but those all over who chose life for their baby. We appreciate YOU!


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  1. heidi says:

    Wow daniel looks so mature and grown up.I love these picture they are amazing and liz and richard u are amazing parents and i still thank god for u.I love your posts they are always full of truth and warmth.I am praying u guys are blessed with another child who needs a loving and stable home.Icant express enough how thankful god brought us together id do it all over again and wouldnt change the decision i made because daniel has turned out to be the most amazing young man ive ever met.

    • liz says:

      Thanks Heidi 🙂 You gave us a very precious gift for which we will always be grateful and we are also grateful that Daniel now has the opportunity to be in touch with you all.

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