Daniel’s “New to Him” Truck

Just over 2 weeks ago Daniel had no work due to it raining. He decided to go up to the farm to get some fresh milk. Whilst sat a traffic light waiting for it to turn green, someone came up fast behind him and rammed Daniel’s pick-up in the rear end! This caused Daniel to move forward hitting the vehicle in front of him.

Richard and I were just about to unload some pallets when we received the call so we quickly unhitched the flat bed and Richard went to the scene of the accident. Daniel was not hurt but did have some whiplash. He has been to the chiropractor 3 times and has one more appointment this coming week. His pick-up was a different story. Richard managed to limp it home but it was not going any farther. Having been faithful and done over 250,000 miles, its life had come to an end. Its next trip was on the back of a tow truck!

Earlier this year Daniel had been spending money recklessly on all sorts of things. Richard and I were really concerned as he was not saving. We kept talking to him and he began to change his habits and start saving again. That definitely paid off as now, with the settlement from the insurance company along with what he had saved, he has been able to purchase a 2011 Chevy Silverado 1500 LT. Richard, Caleb and he spent most of one day up in Springfield getting everything sorted.

Yesterday Daniel was awarded Employee of the Year here on park 🙂 A good week for him!


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