Casey Jones Old Country Store & Restaurant PLUS Train Museum in Jackson, TN

Need a good place to eat? (Yes I am home BTW 🙂 ) On Thursday as we were driving through Tennessee we saw several billboards advertising the Casey Jones Old Country Restaurant Buffet. As it was lunchtime I decided that this was the place to go! We were NOT disappointed. The buffet was HUGE with a great selection and what a very unique place. We did not have time to go to the Train Museum but still enjoyed looking around for  a few minutes after eating.

A quaint “town” is also beside the restaurant:

Here are the kids posing for you:

At this stage on our trip we had the four horses & four dogs with us. The dogs needed the bathroom so here is Daniel with Ruby, the Chocolate Lab:

Michelle was walking the two Bassets – Cody & Wally:

I was walking the Black Lab, Cocoa, not pictured.

Take care & I’ll be back tomorrow with more pics for you. Time to go get some rest now.


2 Responses to “Casey Jones Old Country Store & Restaurant PLUS Train Museum in Jackson, TN”

  1. SueB says:

    You lead such an interesting life. You know I love following you all over! :0)

  2. Linda w says:

    I just have to tell you how much I enjoy reading about all of your travels. I myself, for some unknown reason, don’t like driving anywhere I have never been before. So therefore, I have gone pretty much nowhere. Thank you for allowing me a peak into your world. Miss your stamps though.

    stamping on…

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