A Petra reunion concert

Richard and I have been fans of Petra for many, many years. We were first introduced to them in England. Michelle remembers being left with my brother overnight whilst Richard and I went to one of their concerts. She was disgusted. I don’t remember! Anyways, Petra did their farewell tour in 2005 before disbanding in early 2006. We took Michelle, Michael and Daniel to see them in Helena, MT. It was an incredible concert. Yes, I do remember that one!

We have brought all our kids up on Petra (along with other music) and so when Daniel heard they were doing a reunion concert not that far from us, we hastily bought tickets to go. That was back in the spring and yes, we all know what happened. COVID! All was not lost though and the concert was rescheduled for a couple weeks ago. Off we went.

Do you remember last year on our way back from Montana I and the GPS took us to a flooded road where there was most definitely no campsite?! Well another such happening was about to occur on this particular Sunday. Brian Lester, of the southern gospel group The Lesters, often talks about the incredible concerts held in Meramac Caverns. I had even spoken to someone the week before about the caverns and he was telling me what an incredible experience we were going to have! Please note that I did NOT book the tickets nor did I print them out! SO once on the road we plugged in the address to Meramac Caverns! It was goi

ng to be a tight trip time wise. We arrived at the caverns at 1:40pm (concert was at 2). There didn’t seem to be that many cars. Only then did I remove the tickets from the truck pocket and read the address! OOPS! The concert was being held at the Meramac Music Theater about 30 minutes away back the way we had come! Oh boy! Richard is not usually a speeding driver but he was this day! Thankfully we were all able to laugh and only arrived 10 minutes late.

Was the concert worth it? Yes! These guys are 70 and still good! We enjoyed a very relaxing day. We had made the decision to NOT take Hannah with us even though we had originally purchased a ticket for her. She doesn’t travel well and it would have been a nightmare especially after my error. This is the first time we have been out on the road other than to go to Springfield or work since COVID hit. It was a blessed day enjoyed by all.

Take care,


P.S. If you are wondering how Hannah is getting on, I’ll try and update you another day but sad to say she is back to stealing from the lady who has been so kind in taking her in and also lying to her.

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