More cleaning and thieves of the four legged kind!

There is no such thing as a thin squirrel around here! NOR are they shy! As well as cleaning and reorganizing our cargo trailer this past week, I have also been cleaning out our large storage compartment. On a side note I absolutely LOVE the amount of storage our Open Range has. Whilst we do live what most would consider a minimalistic lifestyle, storage space is still essential. We purchase much of our food in bulk plus have items like our dehydrator that are not used all the time so need a home. I see so many fifth wheels where the storage is SO small. For full-time living there has to be storage.

With that said, this is the cleanest our storage area has looked since we purchased the rig nearly 3 years ago! The weather has been SO beautiful and thus I could pull everything out and give the floor a good clean. During that process there was inevitably some food that got thrown out as I was purging. Didn’t take long for the darn squirrels to discover it in the broken tote! (Top picture.) This tote was “parked” right outside our door. Not only that, I had a brand new, unopened, bag of coconut flour sitting on a chair waiting for me to separate into smaller bags. Darn me if one of them didn’t rip a hole in the bag in broad daylight!

Richard finished putting all the straps up in the cargo trailer today so we can travel without the fear of things falling everywhere. It looks AMAZING in there! You would never credit what a difference some shelving can make. Wow! I am absolutely thrilled!

As for the fifth wheel being fixed – hah! After the RV repair guy left, later that evening we discovered we didn’t have any hot water. Hmmm.. The fuse had blown. Coincidence? Poor Bryan had to come out again. Turns out it was was not his fault but maybe the water heater didn’t appreciate having a new shelf to sit on as the circuit board has now blown. He managed to get it working on gas for us whilst we wait for a new one to come. (The water heater will usually work on both electric or gas.) A word of advice to all who purchase a new rig. SPEND the EXTRA money and take out the extended warranty. It is SO worth it. Yes, these warranties are not cheap but ours has more than paid for itself and we still have 4 years left on it. Does that mean we don’t love our Open Range 3X? Nope! Absolutely LOVE it but like all rigs/homes, things can and do go wrong no matter the brand that you buy.

Looking forward to a day of rest tomorrow 🙂 Don’t forget to set your clocks forward tonight. The lighter evenings are here! YES! Wish the clocks stayed in spring/summer time all year around.

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  1. John Hearn says:

    Hi Liz, Hope this finds you well. 2019 was an eventful year for us but we are hoping for a better year this year. Woody is improving every day and she started driving last week so that’s all good. I have had 2 sleep studies for sleep apnea and they have ordered a bipap machine for me. We have completed a complete remodel of our kitchen. We had to stay with my niece for 2 weeks because of the oil base paint. Sounds like Daniel is growing up and Hanna is being Hanna! Keep in touch and we will do the same. John

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