Shelves :)

I realize that not everyone gets excited about new shelves but I am doing the happy dance! We had boxes and stuff piled from floor to ceiling in the V of our cargo trailer. Not only was it dangerous, it was a total pain if we needed something! SO this past weekend I decided it was time to get shelves. If you know me, when I get an idea I want to get it accomplished immediately! Richard did not have the time (nor desire) to do the job so who to hire? By Monday afternoon I was very frustrated as two leads were not coming through. As I was sat doing school with the kids inspiration hit. “Would this person do it?”, I asked the kids. “Yes!” Off I went to ask and it was not long after that the kids and I were pulling all the stuff out of that section of the trailer. Oh my, what a load!

Yesterday morning the work was started and by lunchtime today it was finished! SO SO thankful. Now I have the job of organizing everything and purging what we don’t need. Today I emptied two big boxes of ABC Photo Art supplies that have not seen the light of day for nearly a year. Whilst it is not time to awaken that “hibernating” business yet, we are one step closer.

The RV repair guy also came back this morning to repair/replace all the boards that got wet when we had the leak a while back. That means we can now sort out our under carriage compartment, get things replaced and get ready for our next trip. Yes, I am itching to get back on the road.

Here’s to big-time spring cleaning. The blossom buds and daffodils are starting to appear here. How is it with you? My thoughts and prayers have been with those in Tennessee who lost so much due to the tornado yesterday. Wow!



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