Fritz’s Adventure

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For Caleb’s 10th birthday a couple weeks ago, he wanted to go to Fritz’s Adventure here in Branson. This was an attraction we had talked about often but never been. It is actually pretty cool with lots of different activities for the kids to partake/climb in. Caleb LOVED the plane suspended from the ceiling above. To get to it one way you have to go through this wire tube:

Hannah, Michelle and Daniel all had fun on the various climbing wall options. Love the way that the whole place was meant to look old/industrial.

Daniel at the top:

Hannah up the utility pole:

Whilst most attractions did not require you to wait in line, I would not like to be here on a busy day for the wall climbing and the zip-lining attraction. Caleb and Hannah waited in line at least 45 minutes but it was understandable. Safety is paramount. Each participant has to be strapped up, given instructions and of course, only so many can be up there at one time. Was it worth the wait? Yes, they had a blast!

SO much to do up in the air!

They were ready to lunch afterwards.

As this was our first time we paid for us all to go down into the play area. Next time, I will be quite content to sit and watch the kids from upstairs. I am not into climbing walls, crawling through tunnels, zip-lining etc. With all the kids now being 10+ it means an adult does not need to be with them in the play zone so that will save us money next time.

It is definitely a place we will visit again. Hope those of you who are in the USA had a blessed Thanksgiving. For the first time in quite some time, friends came for lunch. I SO love the fact that we can entertain in this camper along with cooking a turkey and all the trimmings. We had tasty leftovers today and Richard is looking forward to turkey pies in the near future 🙂



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