Our new corner booth

Two photos in this post. 

Going from deep purple to light grey we are thrilled with the transformation of our new “home” at Branson Mill. Richard and I had to laugh as we painted this booth because this is the second time in our lives that we have eliminated a purple “monster”!

What in the world am I talking about? For those of you who have followed us since the beginning of this blog back in 2007, you may well remember our first logo for Cornish Heritage Farms, the rubber art stamp company we started and ran for five years until moving to Missouri in 2010. (We had a Yahoo forum for two years before the blog.) Back then we owned a Saint Bernard called Roxy. She was our logo and the top band of the website was deep purple! For the others of you who are new to our blog, if you want a trip back in time take a look at this posting of Michelle doing the vulcanizing as we counted down the hours to our first Thomas Kinkade release. You will see the original logo but alas I couldn’t find a picture of the website to show you.

SO we are now in the new booth, experiencing much more foot traffic and trying to spend a few hours up there each day (Tuesday thru Saturday). Unlike in the other booth we had, everything is now up there so we are able to create any sized order, framed or unframed. (Before I did not keep frames up there as nowhere to put them.) Obviously, depending on the size of the order determines how long it will take me to make it. Most customers want it “right now”!

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