Change is good, right?

I know, I know, that’s a loaded question! Change is not always good but in this instance it is. Curious? ……

As many of you know we have two booths up at The Branson Mill. Ten days ago we were informed that the Mill is closing its doors for the last time on April 30th! This came as a great shock to some although most of the demonstrators knew something was going on so were glad to have an answer. However it still shook everyone. Some have found new places to go and are already busy packing up/making arrangements. SO what are we going to do?

In the last few weeks I had been really concerned as to how I was going to fit one more thing into our already busy schedule. A door had opened up for us to work on a website for a company together which includes photographing all the product and creating the listings. This, as you can imagine, is a LOT of work. There is another aspect to the job as well but that’s for a later date. I truly had no clue how I was going to do all that and still be up at the Mill. When we heard the news of the upcoming closing it was a HUGE relief.

My original plan had been to keep working up there until closing day but after being there this week I knew my time there was up. Life has already moved on. It is rather depressing to be up there now with so many empty booths and vendors packing up. We are not giving up on ABC Photo Art. We have ALL the pre-made stock at 50% off as we do not need that and will keep the booth “as is” until the end or until all the art sells. The plan, as always was, is to get it online. In all honesty though, I don’t think that website will be ready to go until September. We are going to Montana this summer so no point having it up and running until we get back.

With the Mill closing down it does mean we have to bring everything back here to the cargo trailer and get that ready to work and ship from. Daniel and I started cleaning that out today whilst Richard was at work.

Do we have any regrets? ABSOLUTELY NOT! We have met folks that we would never have met if we had not been up at the Mill, friendships that are here to stay. We have LOVED our time there. In fact the website opportunity would not have happened had we not been at the Mill!

On another subject, remember all the warranty work that needed doing on the RV? Well, it all started back in November 2018. We are now just getting all the parts fixed. (Not us being slow!) Yesterday the guys came and fixed my tumble dryer. That broke last summer so it is SO nice to have it back. They put a new front jack on so we are now sitting on 6 legs instead of 4. That makes a HUGE difference to the stability of the rig. The kids toilet has been fixed so no more stinky smells coming up due to the water leaking out. The fan in our bathroom has been replaced so no more steam hanging around causing humidity. Hopefully next week will see the slide fixed, door replaced and whatever else is left on the LONG list. The best part is, that due to us taking out the warranty, all the work is covered which is SUCH a blessing. We are definitely glad we purchased that warranty. Yes, it was not cheap but cheaper than all the work we have had done on this rig.

I think that’s caught you up. If nothing else, in these last couple weeks, it has been a confirmation to us and a lesson to the kids to just go with the flow.



4 Responses to “Change is good, right?”

  1. Patricia says:

    Where in Montana are you headed to this summer? Would love to see you guys.

  2. Norma Sorenson says:

    Blessings and safe travels to to Montana. If you’re still in Branson in May we’ll see you then.

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