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Wow! I remember the days when I updated this blog at least twice a week, sometimes more! Those days are gone for the time being. Why? It’s a thing called life, trying to juggle three children, Richard’s work and two businesses. This week, for the last four days, Richard and I have been busy prepping, painting and moving ABC Photo Art into a new booth. Actually we are expanding into TWO booths, eventually saying “goodbye” to the original booth and occupying two new ones in more heavily trafficked areas of Branson Mill. The aim is to also teach classes.

ABC Photo Art has grown and changed course a little since we started. Although we still offer the regular 4″ x 6″ art, we have branched out into Collage Art. This still uses the photos but in a different and somewhat more versatile way allowing for greater creativity. Here is an example of a custom order we created for someone:

In all this I am finally beginning to feel like we are achieving something. I have spent the last few months “chasing my tail” and constantly playing ‘catch-up’ but there is now light at the end of the tunnel. We even got our signs made today. Whoo hoo!

Oh, I’m not kidding myself – there is still a LONG way to go and yes, it took us long enough to get the signs made but really pleased with them. Our second booth is not ready for us to take over until July 1st. It is a gorgeous booth albeit purple at this time so will need a good coat of paint. VERY excited to see where this all takes us and will keep you updated.

Weather is HOT down here in Missouri, with temps up in the 90’s on a daily basis. Daniel is LOVING life-guarding and earning money. Caleb continues to be on a lizard quest. I have lost count as to how many he has caught this year! Just look at this MINIATURE frog he caught last week? Isn’t God’s creation incredible?

Hannah has decided that karaoke is her thing this year? Oh my!

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