Cameron, the Great Dane

We have the pleasure of transporting some very interesting animals on our travels and this last time was no exception. We picked Cameron up in Idaho & brought him back to Missouri. He was a 2 year old Great Dane. BIG! But what a total sweetheart. He is the new service dog for Cathy. Here is a picture of him with Michelle:

Of course there was no room for him to travel in the truck so he was in his own compartment in the trailer. Being so tall he could jump up & look out the top slats!

We delivered him on Wednesday evening, meeting not only Cathy but also her husband, John & their daughter, Karen, who has twin boys who are 8mths old. We spent quite a while chatting & getting to know them.

Monday morning we learned that Karen & her husband along with her husband’s two brothers had all lost their homes in the Joplin area Tornado. They were actually in the Wentworth area so Cathy has just told me they are getting no help – all the help is going to Joplin. Our hearts go out to them as they strive to rebuild their lives & their homes.

Take care,


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