Animals on our trip to Alaska

We started with a Pick Up of American Shetland ponies in Nebraska late on Monday evening. I was imagining horses the size of the Shetland ponies from Scotland so got quite a shock to see these ponies. They were quite a bit bigger & looked a lot different than the “regular” Shetland pony in my mind from childhood. All loaded well. We put the stallion in first at the front:

From there we loaded 5 of the ponies to share another section.

Last but not least we loaded two mares & one foal:

Calling it a night we headed up the next day to South Dakota to pick up Buddy. What a total sweetheart he was for the whole trip.

From there it was onto Montana to pick up Tank, the Mastiff. Yes a big dog but a very good one. He loved us all & did really well on his long trip. Tank was raised on a farm so had never been on a leash before. Michelle soon figured out that he would not go to the bathroom with his leash on. (Our dogs Maddie & Bella are exactly the same, hence we realized quickly what was going on!) As he was so good it was never a problem.


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