Our New Homeschooling Website is Live :)


SO excited to announce our new Homeschooling website –

We wanted a place where we could share our ideas, downloads etc without clogging up the farm and family blog knowing that not all of you who read this blog are homeschooling or interested in homeschooling. Please go check the new website out & spread the word to others who may be interested. As the weeks progress we will get alot more FREE downloads made available to you. The first ones right now are from the study we did on Vikings where we not only studied the Vikings but the countries of Iceland and Greenland also.

Richard has been working hard behind the scenes making this into a workable, user friendly website but if you should encounter any problems please, please let us know.

ALL the homeschooling posts that were on this blog have now been moved to the new website. We will be posting on each blog regularly throughout the week keeping you updated on our lives here on this blog and hopefully providing you with some great homeschooling inspiration on the new website 🙂

We really do appreciate you, our readers.


2 Responses to “Our New Homeschooling Website is Live :)”

  1. Janet Sisk says:

    Good for you! I think it is a wonderful idea! I have some friends that homeschool and would probably be interested. Can you post it on Facebook? I tend to share more stuff like this there. 😀

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