MT – Day 26 – Fixing the bathroom floor!

Yes, this trip has not been all fun and games. Richard continues to work on websites and remotely for Treasure Lake whilst also getting stuff fixed on the camper. It was not long after we got the camper (April 2017) that we noticed the bathroom floor was not as stable as it should be. There is a heating vent in line with the toilet and it is where everyone stands which would not be an issue if the manufacturer had not also joined two pieces of flooring there. Yes, the plywood is joined in the middle of the joists with NO support! Crazy!

Richard attempted to fix it early on by going in from the top but although it helped a little the floor gradually worsened and the sagging got worse. It was on our TO DO list for this trip. SO on Friday Richard got to work pulling out all the compartment stuff, tearing down (carefully) the bottom of the heating vent and then figuring out what length and width of aluminum rods he needed for the job. Between us (Richard, myself and Michael) we had decided that putting rods between the joists all along the affected area, attached with brackets, would be the strongest fix. The rods could not be too thick so as not to interfere with the heating. As you can see, they had to go in the heating vent cavity. They also needed to be aluminum.

Measurements in hand, off Richard went to Pacific Steel. They had to make the brackets and cut the 1″ tubing (hollow but thick walls) to length (13″) so he came home and went back later. Once he had them in hand he put the six in place, three on either side of the vent, and reseated the bottom heating casing. We also replaced the very cracked heating vent receiver in the bathroom with a nice, fresh, new one.

All this was accomplished in one day. FANTASTIC! The floor is SO solid now. Truly made a difference and now we do not have to fear the entire bathroom floor collapsing on us. Price? $43! Just think what that would have cost if we had had to pay someone else to do it and the chances of them getting it done in a day would have been slim. Very proud of my man 🙂

More experience under our belt and hope this helps others out there who may have had a similar problem.


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