A bison causing a jam and smiling?!

Bison (buffalo) jams are common at Yellowstone but this particular one bears mentioning. On our last evening in Yellowstone, after watching Old Faithful erupt one more time, the rain was falling steadily and after 3 days in the park we were glad to be heading back to the campsite to prepare for our trip further west the following day. We truly had had the best 3 days in the park as the weather was going to go down hill drastically the rest of the week. In fact we awoke to snow the next morning and much cooler temperatures. Anyways on our trip out of the park towards West Yellowstone, we once again came to a standstill! What was in the road? Any wildlife causes a slow down in Yellowstone. We are so blessed to have seen many of this magnificent creatures numerous times so although we point them out, most of the time we do not stop.

As we started and stopped, SLOWLY making our way along, we finally saw the “culprit”. A big old bison bull was literally walking up the center of the road oblivious to the hold-up he was causing. Daniel had Richard’s phone so quickly took a couple of pictures as we drove past. One was blurry but the other one is the one you are looking at. I had to take a double take at this photo as at first glance I truly thought the bison was grinning! Can you see it for yourself?

If you look really closely you will see that the “grin” is in fact a piece of grass/weed but I love it! Just looks like the bison is chuckling to himself after finally sauntering over onto the side of the road, thinking about all the delays he has just caused.

Hope I made you smile,


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