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Nutty Pigs

It is not very often that Richard & I get to see our “piglet babies” grown up in the real as most of the stock we sold was many many miles away. Of course alot of our customers send us photos and we often get phone calls when the girls go into labor. Even as I write this, one of our girls is farrowing over in Kansas & the new owner is nervous & excited but he is there watching the... read more

We made it!

To say that God’s hand of protection was on us during this latest long drive is an understatement. We ended up leaving home at 3pm yesterday afternoon after eating a Roast Turkey Christmas lunch. With the bad weather coming in we decided there was no point relaxing for the afternoon, we needed to get on the road. 22 hours later we arrived at our destination here in New York and had not seen one... read more

It feels weird

As the pigs move out of here it feels very weird to have a smaller number of “herds” here, meaning less buckets to fill with feed each morning. Richard took a trip to the airport yesterday & then headed up through Kansas City delivering piglets & from there mature pigs in Topeka, KS. He did 689 miles so was a little tired! Although still physically here, all the pigs are now sold. That... read more

Ready for a day off :)

A busy day here on the farm but at least we were not the ones on the road. Milked the cows first thing & then it was time to cook breakfast. Cooked up 4lbs of bacon, 4lbs of sausage, eggs, beans, hash browns & fresh bread rolls (bread baked last night.) Feeling hungry yet?! Brent & Matt drove all night from OH & arrived just as breakfast was served. Jim & Cynde came up from Arkansas.... read more

New Zealand

If you have been wondering why I have been a little quiet this last couple weeks, it’s because Richard & I have been doing a lot of talking, thinking & planning. Never would we have thought a couple weeks ago how life was going to change. Let me share with you a little of the timeline! Firstly let me say that for those of you with orders for sheep and pigs, we will still provide those and be... read more

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