Strawberry Picking :)

Two photos in this post. Yep, I am going back through some photos on my phone, realizing how lackadaisical I have been in my blog posting! Until this year, it has been several years since we last went strawberry picking. Due to the weather, this was not a good season. The day we went up to High’s Berry Farm, the picking was slim but between Hannah, Caleb and myself we managed to get about 25lbs.... read more

First outdoor swim of the season

Someone who had been staying here at Treasure Lake gave us their pink flamingo to use when they left. What a blessing! It has a small puncture but stays up long enough for us to enjoy each time we go to the pool. This picture was taken Memorial Weekend when we were still a little on the white side! Now we are definitely looking more tanned 🙂 Today feels like a truly lazy day of summer. Nobody was that... read more