Hovis declares she is not afraid of eagles!

LOL! Hope you like the photo! If a real eagle were to swoop down towards Hovis she would scream and panic! Got a couple good things to report this evening! First off, we survived COVID! Yes, I came down with it over Thanksgiving. Honestly thought I had the flu as I ached for 2 days. Daniel and Caleb came down next but they didn’t realize it until after the weekend. When Daniel mentioned that he had... read more

A Hannah Update

This past week has been another journey in our life with Hannah. To protect the integrity of her caregiver I am not going to be outlining all the details of what has occurred like I have in the past. (Those who know us well can always ask!)  Let me make it very clear, though, that we ALWAYS knew this placement with the caregiver would be temporary and Hannah NEVER got violent with her although her other... read more

A Petra reunion concert

Richard and I have been fans of Petra for many, many years. We were first introduced to them in England. Michelle remembers being left with my brother overnight whilst Richard and I went to one of their concerts. She was disgusted. I don’t remember! Anyways, Petra did their farewell tour in 2005 before disbanding in early 2006. We took Michelle, Michael and Daniel to see them in Helena, MT. It was... read more

A dark, dark day that ended with hope.

Richard and I NEVER again want to go through a day like we experienced yesterday. It was Friday and it was CRUNCH time! Hannah was due to be released and we had NO solution. Talk about being between a rock and a hard place. We knew she could not come home and we also knew that we didn’t want to put her in the hands of CPS but what other option did we have? Back when Hannah’s original... read more

Another LONG 8 hours in the ER!

Here’s how my yesterday afternoon went! After lunch we took a golf cart ride as I had to deliver something. Hannah was sat in the front. She did not want Caleb and his friend, Eli, to come but they were sat in the back. Hannah started winding up. On the way back the boys wanted to go the back trail and up through the woods so I did. Hannah was NOT happy. She was getting really aggravated with the... read more

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