Spring has sprung in the Ozarks :)

Evenin’ all! I missed taking pics of the Wild Pear trees in blossom. They were beautiful but then a strong wind and cold weather blew them away. However the Red Buds, being later bloomers, are now out in full color and looking gorgeous. The Dogwoods are now coming out. It’s good to be out in the spring sunshine 🙂 Tuesday was voting day so we decided to head to the Tracks as well for the first... read more

We Survived the Cold, How About You?

3 photos in this post. SO SO glad to see the sun shining and temperatures above freezing. Whilst the snow is still lying on the ground (really unusual to see big mounds of snow here in Branson from where the snow plows have cleared the roads), it was melting like crazy today as we “soared” into the 40’s. How cold did it get here? Too cold! LOL! We were at -9F, a whopping -23C, one... read more

18 years old!

Wow! Our premature, 1lb 14oz son has grown up. SO SO proud of this young man. He brings a smile to many faces. Just like his older brother, he never meets a stranger and will talk to/help anyone who needs it. If you haven’t figured out who I am talking about, Daniel turned 18 yesterday! He took the day off work to celebrate however still got up reasonably early so that he could deliver Hurts Donuts... read more

A long overdue update!

This afternoon Michelle verbally slapped my hand for not writing a blog post in SUCH a long time! Has it really been over a month?! I haven’t been sat twiddling my thumbs, I can assure you. In fact, there truly are not enough hours in the day right now to get done all that I want to. As you can see from the photo, we did get enough snow one day for Caleb to get creative. Thankfully along with the... read more

Hovis declares she is not afraid of eagles!

LOL! Hope you like the photo! If a real eagle were to swoop down towards Hovis she would scream and panic! Got a couple good things to report this evening! First off, we survived COVID! Yes, I came down with it over Thanksgiving. Honestly thought I had the flu as I ached for 2 days. Daniel and Caleb came down next but they didn’t realize it until after the weekend. When Daniel mentioned that he had... read more

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