A “New to Us” set of wheels

How many of you RVers out there ever clean the tops of your slides? What about the ones that have slide toppers on? Earlier this week was moving day again for us and due to it being unseasonably cool I decided it was time to clean the slide tops! Now, we have FIVE, three of which have slide toppers on. (The other two are on the side with the awnings.) You would think that the ones with the toppers on... read more

The Branson Ferris Wheel

How many of you agree with me that it is good to have fun once in a while? Although Richard and I work hard and are not without our fair share of stresses, we do try to find time to relax each day. As soon as Richard came home yesterday morning from a 65 hour paramedic shift (he had slept at the base at night when not out), we took Hannah and Caleb for some fun at The Tracks. Starting at Track 5 we rode... read more

The View from our Living Room window

Two photos in this post Today was not only stinking hot, it was moving day! SO we were up at 6:30am before the heat got bad. In fact the sun was behind some clouds so whilst Richard and Caleb were moving the cargo trailer and looking for our new “home” for the next 3 weeks, I was able to wax the camper. (We have this amazing Washless Wax that you wipe on and wipe off.) We were in our new spot... read more

33 Years Married to my Best Friend :)

33 years ago today, June 27th, 1987 we walked down the aisle of a church in St. Austell, Cornwall (England) and said “I do”! Wow! What a ride it was been! We’ve had some tough times, we’ve had many, many good times and like Michael said to us the other day, “Time flies by when you are having fun”. Richard and I have truly been blessed. Our love for each other and the... read more

Go Karts and more

4 pictures in this post.   With things not quite normal this year and us not being able to travel as planned, we decided last week to purchase season passes to The Tracks here in Branson. In the 5 years we have been in Branson we have, until now, NEVER been to this attraction. Featuring go-karts, bumper cars, bumper boats and more the kids have been longing to go. Last week was the first visit and... read more

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