Another new adVENTURE!

Well, we thought it was time to try something else. As you know we are never ones to lie around and in fact, told you a few weeks ago that we were up to something! We are now glad to inform you that our newest business, web hosting and design, is up and running 🙂


Some of you may not know that I have been in the computer programming world for over 25 years. My love for programming computers started way back in the early 80’s with the ZX81. Yes, WAY back when! I worked in the British computer industry for several years before moving to the USA where I then spent 10 years working in corporate America designing software for one of the major mortgage companies at that time. Even with that far behind me I have always kept my skills honed by helping others and working on websites for our own businesses.

Using the experience we have developed both with working for others and running our previous, heavily internet based businesses, we thought this would be a good way of sharing that experience with others. Because the internet can be accessed from anywhere in the world, this new venture is an ideal way for us to be able to move when we need to and still keep things running.

Although we will work on any sort of website, we have set up pricing for smaller businesses, hobby businesses, etc. Of course our customer service skills will hopefully make all the difference for our new customers. We have a couple of websites under our belt already and more on the way.

You can find out more at



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