Grapes, Grapes, Grapes


Last week we were blessed with the gift of buckets of Concord grapes! What to do with them? As you may know, Concord grapes are not really eating grapes as they have large pips & toughish skins but have a wonderful flavor. Last year we had purchased 100lbs of organic Concord grapes & made them all into juice. This year I decided to try my hand at making grape jelly. Yes, a first for me! I know Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwiches are an American staple but Richard & I can’t imagines anything much more disgusting to eat! LOL! HOWEVER we do like grapes although grape jelly is something we never buy.

Michelle & I set to, washing & pulling the grapes off their stalks. Cooked them all up, mashed & strained them through a sieve & cheesecloth. The instructions told us to let the grape juice sit overnight in the refrigerator so as to prevent it crystallizing. Not sure why it would but did it anyways.

The grapes were pretty sour so I wasn’t sure how much sugar to add. I added one cup per four cups of juice & unlike the instructions allowed the pulp to stay in – that is all goodness. I think we made 27 half pints & 7 pints so a decent amount. The following day the neighbor came up whilst Richard was sampling it for the first time. I was thinking it was too sour but Richard thought it was just about right. That made me brave enough to give a pint to the neighbor along with some fresh bread out of the oven. Told them to add sugar if needed.

This morning it was the Azure Pick-Up to which the neighbor also came. He said the pint of Grape Jelly was gone by the next morning. They had sprinkled sugar on it & it was delicious. He then blessed us with some big pieces of chocolate cake which was just as well as when we came home (noon) as soon as I had fed cake & fresh watermelon to everyone, I had to set to canning nectarines. Unfortunately they were a little over ripe so not keep-able. I quickly cut up the 80lbs (yes we had ordered 4 boxes) & got them canned. Wasted nearly half of them (rotten) so the chickens were very happy & Azure will give us a credit. Stuff likes this happens once in a while. It’s life & you have to deal with as best you can. No point getting mad! Last month’s nectarines were absolutely delicious & lasted us in the refrigerator for a long while & I also froze a lot in chunks. With a hungry family to feed, the canned nectarines will soon be eaten. Canned 22 qts.

Finally sat down to lunch at 4pm! LOL!


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