Blackberry Season is here again :)

With just arriving home from England on Monday it has taken us a couple days to catch up with everything. When we took a walk early Wednesday morning the kids spied some blackberries so this morning we (Daniel, Hannah, Caleb & myself) headed out on the first blackberry picking adventure. As I started to write this I looked back on the blog to see when we started picking blackberries last year & it was May 22nd so a month earlier! Everything is much later this year due to a cold (maybe normal) spring.


This time last year grass was already sparse & we were just starting to feed hay. This year there is tall grass everywhere & the hedgerows are very overgrown. We headed up into the 5 acres first but that was really hard going. Richard is going to have to cut a path with the brush hog before I head that way again. A little disappointed we cut across onto the road & there were able to pick about half a gallon 🙂 There are more coming along so we will keep going out every 2-3 days.


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