Caleb helps make the cheese

All the kids love to help in the kitchen. As they came in today I was separating the curds from the way for the cheese. Caleb grabbed the spoon & decided to help me get the last few dregs. Very proud of himself 🙂

cAleb Chess

Lady Longlashes didn’t make it to three days the first time. We had to milk her on Sunday as she was SO full BUT she did make it three days to today so this morning we got about 4 1/2 gallons. Once again we put 2 gallons in the fridge, made cheese with 2 gallons & fed the remainder to the chickens.

Hope your week is going well,


2 Responses to “Caleb helps make the cheese”

  1. Mary H. says:

    Little Mr. Caleb is certainly growing tall & handsome. Be so thankful he wants to help, and hopefully he’ll stay that way into his teenage years.

    • liz says:

      Caleb is always wanting to help in the kitchen which is a great sign. Michael, our eldest son, is also great in the kitchen. He does most of the cooking at his house.

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