A graduation!

This past Sunday found us at Silver Dollar City for the first time this year! It was glorious weather but that was not the cause of the excitement. Caleb has now grown to be over 36″ tall so is eligible to ride on the bigger “little kid” rides! He was pretty proud of himself as were we! The first “bigger” ride he went on was the Ladybugs which is a ‘kid only’ ride, hence the height rules. No adults allowed but Daniel went on with him.


The next was the kids Roller Coaster. You should have seen his face when he started. He was pretty scared but there were no tears – he took it all in his stride. By the time I snapped this pic he has his arm up ready. He is sat in the seat two from the back with Richard.


Then we all went on Tea Cups followed by the Elephants. A fun day 🙂

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