My seedlings!

With the weather being so cold the seedlings that I planted weeks ago have had to stay inside in smaller pots. Yesterday it warmed up a little so Richard & I emptied some wood off the saw horses in the barn & made a “bench” up on one of the patios by the house. That way I could do some re-potting & the poor seedlings could some real sunshine not just through the glass.


I was really proud of myself – got them potted and watered but when I brought them in last evening they looked like I had killed them all! AAGH! I’m not sure all of them are going to survive now but at least I tried. I tell you, we can grow meat really well here but the veggies are a different matter. These thumbs are just NOT green & I am way too impatient! What ever place we move to next we need a greenhouse! At least the peas are doing good or so I think 🙂


I was so yearning fresh greens that when we went to town yesterday I actually bought some organic lettuce & green onions etc. I honestly do not remember the last time I did that. Very unusual for me as they are so expensive but oh did a fresh salad taste good! Tomorrow we are supposed to get into the 70’s so maybe spring is officially here. I did plant some onions in the raised bed but daren’t put anything else in there yet.

Talking of raised beds, the one we put in the wrong spot last year is now full of worms & great soil so we are transferring some into each of the new raised beds to encourage the worms to reproduce etc & do their jobs.

Take care,


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