Seeds & Ice

Last year I started planting seeds in March & that was too late as it got hot here very early followed by the drought. A local lady told me I needed to plant earlier so last weekend I did just that. Last year many of the seeds did not do well so I thought I would plant WAY more this year. LOL! Now look at what we have a week later:


Loads of seedlings that will soon be ready to go into bigger pots & due to ice and snow it is WAY too cold to put them outside. At the end of last season we purchased some of those mini greenhouses at half price & that has definitely made a difference. They sprouted much faster. With planning to move I was in two minds whether to plant a garden at all but we are all longing for fresh veggies so decided to go ahead & do the basics. Lots of lettuce & cucumbers etc. We will not be canning any this year but our family can never get enough of fresh veggies & if there are any left over the pigs will oblige.

Hope your weekend is going well,


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  1. Lisa Lind says:

    Oh, that looks so fun! We just received our seeds yesterday. This has felt like such a long winter. We are so looking forward to getting out in the dirt again!! Your seedings look great!!!

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