Caleb’s First Tooth :)

I was on the phone earlier to Caleb’s birthmom & during the conversation I brought up the fact that Caleb still had not cut any teeth. He’s our slowest baby ever for that – all our other kids have had their first teeth at 4mths old. Caleb is 7mths old. Well just a few minutes later, Caleb was sat on my lay & the side of my finger happen to go into his mouth & guess what I felt?! His first tooth! It has not broken through completely yet but you can feel the points. It does explain his grumpiness over the last couple days though.

Michelle left for Maryland today to go visit the friends that came over here for the wedding. She will go with them to a lake in Virginia where they go for vacation each summer. She should have a great time.

Other than that it’s been a usual Monday – busy busy. I had told the little ones that we would go to the pool this afternoon. Up until now it has been too cold/wet. Well a thunderstorm came through here at lunchtime cooling the temps down. No way am I going to the pool when it is only 60F plus it rained for quite a while so really not worth it. Will try another day.

Got to run now & go feed Stu & put the chicks away for the night. Yep, still light here (dusk) at 10pm.

Take care


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  1. Lee says:

    Hi Liz,

    not so unusual for teeth to come in at 7 months, one of the young girls at my job had a son whose first teeth didn’t break through until about 8 months old. The doctor kept telling her, don’t worry, they will come in. He is now 6 years old and his teeth are perfect. Michelle will love her vacation. I wish we had some of your cool temperatures here in Boston, been hot and humid. I am one of those who really does not like the hot weather.

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