Fall is nearly over ….

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Wow! It’s been over a month since I last posted any news! Life has been BUSY but good. It has been a beautiful autumn here in the Ozarks. Up until this past week the weather has been very warm and pleasant. Please note I said “Warm” and not “Hot”! The week before last Richard and I played Pickle Ball FOUR times! You’d think we had nothing else to do! LOL!

Earlier in October an opportunity came across our path to get into furniture. OH MY GOODNESS! As usual I, Liz, had no idea of the immensity of the job I had committed us to! When I brought home a 26 footer full, I told Richard it would only take us a couple of hours to unload it the next morning, and we still had to go back for a flat bed full! (I am blessed with such an amazing hubby who just shakes his head but is proud of me at the same time.) After a LOT of hard work our furniture business is up and running. We expanded to a new location as this is more suited for locals than tourists. (Most tourists don’t want to be carting furniture home with them!)

Hannah’s back has finally healed up which is good. Caleb has been playing soccer twice a week and has two games this week before the season ends. This is his first time playing and he has really enjoyed it so we hope he plays again in the spring.

The volunteer gardeners do an AMAZING job here on park. I had to share the top picture with you as I thought it was hilarious. Winter will soon be upon us which means many folks go south. For those of us who remain here it is a time to stay put and not move around the park. Whilst I enjoy moving to new scenery during the warm weather I am VERY thankful to be able to stay in one spot over winter. That is a true blessing.

I’ll be back in a few moments to share some updates on Daniel.



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