Franklin Graham’s God Loves You Tour

It’s a beautiful night here in the Ozarks for the Franklin Graham God Loves You Tour along Route 66. Newsboys are the featured band. Whilst it looks empty now it is soon to fill up!

I know I haven’t update you much recently.  Sorry! 4 weeks after surgery, Hannah got upset with staff, threw a hissy fit and tore open the top of her incision. Nursing doctored it until she went for her 6 week check up. At that point the surgeon put a wound vac on it to let it heal and to prevent Hannah picking it. She had picked it enough to uncover 2 of the sutures underneath! This past week they decided to keep it on for another week! When she returns next week she will also meet with a plastic surgeon as there is concern that the skin will not knit together, so they are considering a skin graft! Silly, silly girl!

We did have a meeting with the school which went well. Hannah is now in school for half a day each school day. Due to her surgery she had only been allowed to partake for 1 hour and was then sent home with homework. The half day is much better!

The rest of us are staying out of mischief 😉 Business is keeping us hopping which is fantastic but means a lot of work. We have expanded into another area and so are now able to feature furniture and home decor which is something we really didn’t have space for before. Richard and I have started playing Pickle Ball a couple times a week and are loving it. The new Pickle Ball courts here are FANTASTIC! Most times we play singles which is a LOT of exercise. Sometimes when we go we get to play doubles which is a lot faster. SO SO thankful that we are able to get out and exercise like this.



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