We Survived the Cold, How About You?

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SO SO glad to see the sun shining and temperatures above freezing. Whilst the snow is still lying on the ground (really unusual to see big mounds of snow here in Branson from where the snow plows have cleared the roads), it was melting like crazy today as we “soared” into the 40’s. How cold did it get here? Too cold! LOL! We were at -9F, a whopping -23C, one morning and that was the actual temperature not the windchill. I know, that’s nothing compared to -40F/C of Montana but back then we weren’t living in a fifth wheel!

The camper did really well until we got to the minuses and then we lost water for 24 hours. That actually shouldn’t have happened but one small area that the heat tape wasn’t long enough for, going into the camper, froze. During that time we also switched back to heating with propane as the electric furnace doesn’t burn as hot so couldn’t keep up. Due to it not normally getting as cold as this for an extended period of time, we have never wrapped the bottom of this camper in winter. Maybe we should next year or maybe we should go south?!

All in all we did fine. Hovis was not that happy as it was too cold for her to go out and the rest of us didn’t get as much exercise as normal also but that’s okay.

Needless to say the golf cart didn’t get used for nearly 2 weeks! Had to smile at the the ducks when I went to mail the packages. Isn’t it incredible how God created them not to feel the cold? You and I would have died of hypothermia, yet there they were sleeping on the frozen pond beside the water hole that was still open thanks to the fountain.

I hope you fared well in this unusual weather. I know it has been rough for many. We were warned of rolling blackouts but thankfully did not experience any. Phew!

Take care. Spring is just around the corner.


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