Another LONG 8 hours in the ER!

Here’s how my yesterday afternoon went! After lunch we took a golf cart ride as I had to deliver something. Hannah was sat in the front. She did not want Caleb and his friend, Eli, to come but they were sat in the back. Hannah started winding up. On the way back the boys wanted to go the back trail and up through the woods so I did. Hannah was NOT happy. She was getting really aggravated with the boys even though I told her to turn around and mind her own business. She ended up hitting Caleb and then proceeded to throw her water at him but missed, hitting Eli with it instead!

Once we got back home, the boys stayed outside playing whilst Hannah came in to finish her school. I went to mark her vocabulary whilst she worked on her Reading Comprehension that she had got wrong. I was sat right beside her willing to help her but she got mad that I had the vocab book open to mark instead to giving her “full attention” i.e. the answers! She would not listen or wind down and ended up tearing pages out of her textbook and workbook! Needless to say I told her to go to her room. That did not go down well but she finally stomped off and started rocking her stool as she does, attempting to break the panel under her bed. As I came into the room with the video on my phone recording and was talking to her she kicked the recliner right into my knee cap sending me sprawling backwards onto Daniel’s bed. (I am VERY thankful that there was a soft landing!) Tried to reason with her but it was useless so I called Richard. He told me to take her to the ER.

This time Hannah was more than ready to go, in fact she was “eager to get out of the house and back to Lakeland where they treat me with more respect”. She packed her bag and off we went in Daniel’s car. Whilst on our way she made up this tale that the reason she was in Lakeland for 4 days last time was that she beat up one of the girls. “The other girls sure respected me more after that, oh yes they did.” All total lies!

Arrived at the ER about 3:45pm. After a while, the same PIT nurse from last time came in. She really stripped Hannah down telling her she needed to get her act together. She told Hannah how most of the girls in group homes have no family to love them but that Hannah was very lucky to have a family that cared. She asked what I wanted to do and I told her that we were done and that Hannah needed to be admitted. Thus started the lengthy process!

I was originally told that Cox North had space but then heard that the resident psychiatrist there refused to take her instead offering us a prescription for the night to take home with Hannah. Leaving the ER with Hannah not receiving any consequences for her actions would have been disastrous. We would have been fully at her mercy and Richard and I both agreed that bringing her home was NOT an option. The PIT nurse agreed to call other facilities. Later the ER supervisor came in to speak with Hannah and I, saying that no facility would accept her. She was under the false impression that we had a solution for the morning – a residential facility that has all our paperwork. I made it very clear that whilst all the paperwork was in there was no guarantee when or even if she would be accepted. I also made it clear that I was NOT taking her home again and if they did not find her a place I would be calling DFS. Her reply was that they couldn’t keep her and if they discharged her I could call DFS then but they would continue to try to find a place. More time later, we got word that Cox North was going to take Hannah. Hallelujah!

When I spoke with the admissions up there, I made it VERY clear that Hannah is NOT coming back home upon discharge but needs to go to a residential facility. Richard and I are both in agreement that Hannah needs to be gone for at least 6 months. We cannot go through this every 3-4 weeks. I had to leave Caleb with Daniel yesterday and couldn’t even be there to put him to bed. We all, but Caleb more than the rest of us, need time to heal. I finally left the ER at just gone 11:30pm last night as Hannah got on the ambulance for her transport. I was totally exhausted.

This afternoon I have spoken with the social worker where she is at and told her what life with Hannah is really like. Most people on the outside are so shocked to hear the truth as Hannah can be so sweet. In fact we had 9 days of the “new” Hannah and it was wonderful but for the last 10 days she had been winding back up again until she “blew” yesterday. Sadly she is proud of her actions and admits that being bad is a choice which no medication can fix. Yes, she apologizes but that means nothing any more as she goes right back to the same behavior.

So that’s where we’re at right now.



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