Hannah update

Hannah came home from Lakeland last Friday evening around 9:30pm which was very late for her. Saturday everyone was kind of walking on tiptoes not knowing how things were going to go. Did Hannah enjoy her time at Lakeland? NO! She told us the other girls picked on her and bullied her. That was actually giving her a taste of her own medicine! Hannah was VERY tired along with being VERY bored during the day as she had been kept fully occupied during her stay so had to adjust back to our routine and occupying herself. By Sunday she was back to her usual, nasty self. Once Richard left for work that afternoon I was ABSOLUTELY dreading Monday morning and school. Needless to say I did not sleep well as I was honestly expecting another replay of the previous week and a trip back to the ER etc.

Monday morning I warned Hannah that I was not going to tolerate any nastiness from her during school at all. If she misbehaved she would be going to her room and there would be no second chances. She begrudgingly said, “Yes Mum.” She held herself together and although she had her moments she did not have any major outbursts.

When her therapist came at 1pm, she had no idea what she was going to attempt to teach Hannah. I SO appreciate her honesty. She pegged Hannah correctly from almost the getgo and does not mince her words. The conversation the two of them had was very interesting. Hannah wanted to know how far she could push things before she got a new family! She thinks we are way too strict. Once again, Hannah was taking no responsibility for her behavior. Whose fault was it that she was sent to Lakeland? Ours! Her therapist made it very clear to Hannah that at her age a new family wasn’t an option not to mention that no other family would have been as tolerant or put up with Hannah’s antics for as long as we have. Hannah’s only choices were to turn her behavior around OR head back to Lakeland! Her homework for the week was to not be perfect but when she did threaten someone, think about it and then go and apologize. (It was also made very clear to Hannah that violent/ aggressive physical contact was not an option at all.)

Wow! The therapist’s words must have finally got through. It wasn’t many minutes after therapy that Hannah threatened to smash Caleb’s face in BUT and this is a big BUT, a few minutes after that she came out and genuinely apologized to Caleb for the first time ever. I was floored! From then on her attitude and demeanor changed and she has been making a real effort to be pleasant this week. It has been SO refreshing. Has she had her moments? Yes! Has she threatened? Yes! Has she been aggressive? No! It’s been a very busy week so we have not done anymore school so the real test will come next week when we get back to a regular routine.

Thanks to all of you for your thoughts and prayers. They are very much appreciated. We honestly thought the time of Hannah living here was coming to an end but it now seems like there is light at the end of this VERY long tunnel. Obviously we realize that Hannah will never totally be a normal child due to all she went through in the womb but she has shown this week that she can make the right choices IF she wants to. We are looking forward to getting the results from the Neuro Psychological Evaluation, the first appointment of which is next week.

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