A “New to Us” set of wheels

How many of you RVers out there ever clean the tops of your slides? What about the ones that have slide toppers on? Earlier this week was moving day again for us and due to it being unseasonably cool I decided it was time to clean the slide tops! Now, we have FIVE, three of which have slide toppers on. (The other two are on the side with the awnings.) You would think that the ones with the toppers on would be cleaner, right? WRONG! The two open ones do get cleaned once in a while when the camper gets washed. The three covered ones have not been cleaned since we purchased the camper over 3 years ago! Yikes!

Of course it is not easy cleaning the covered slide tops as you have to do it from inside the camper with the slide in. (Whilst I did try to clean the outer edge from the outside, standing on a ladder, they were really too filthy to do a good job.) With the slide in space is limited. Our bedroom was the dirtiest. It was black! However although space was tight that was probably the easiest to clean as I could stand on the bed. The living room was the biggest challenge as that one is deeper than the rest. At the old spot we would occasionally hear a tree frog. It sounded as if it was living right under the camper. I discovered their home that morning. Yes, there were actually two tree frogs living under the topper on the living room slide! No wonder they sounded so close. We would never have found them by looking. It was only because I was cleaning that they made their appearance. It was a LONG morning but worth it. Maybe if I clean the slide tops more than once every 3 years next time it won’t be as difficult!

We’ve been considering purchasing a golf cart for the last couple weeks. Hannah continues to give us some major challenges and with the high heat and humidity of summer it has been hard to be out looking for her on foot or bike especially if we have already taken a long walk in the day. Not only that, when Richard is at work, it is even harder as there is no one to stay at the camper to see if she comes home whilst the other one searches. Yes, we do give her boundaries and we do tell her when to check in but Hannah doesn’t always like to follow the rules! SO yesterday we purchased a “new to us” golf cart. Thrilled with it. (Thanks Jeannie.)

Daniel was VERY excited to see it when he got home from work. As soon as Caleb and him were home from church off they went “cruising”. Alas, because he only has his driving permit, security told him he could only drive it with a licensed driver onboard. That actually turned out to be a blessing as Daniel has now been motivated to finish getting all his practice hours in so that he can take his driving test next week! Stay posted for that update. How about these beautiful wildflowers that are blooming in various parts of the park at this time?

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