33 Years Married to my Best Friend :)

33 years ago today, June 27th, 1987 we walked down the aisle of a church in St. Austell, Cornwall (England) and said “I do”! Wow! What a ride it was been! We’ve had some tough times, we’ve had many, many good times and like Michael said to us the other day, “Time flies by when you are having fun”. Richard and I have truly been blessed. Our love for each other and the Lord has grown and matured over the years. We are SO thankful for the life we have lived thus far and look forward to many more together in the future.

About 2 years ago Hovis got a hold of my original wedding ring, that had already flattened a little, and “kindly” squashed it flat on my finger! It was so flattened that it had to be cut off! I’ve been wearing a cheap band since then but Richard wanted to purchase a new ring for my birthday a month ago. With all that has been going on we didn’t get to go shopping until this week. I also truly detest going shopping so have been dragging my feet! Yes, I am not one of those women who like to go to the Mall every week. HOWEVER Caleb needed a new pair of shoes for a wedding we went to yesterday. The ones I had ordered online were too small and the next size up wouldn’t get here in time so I had to go to Tanger Outlets! Aagh! We have lived in Branson for 5 years now and this is only the second or third time I have visited Tanger. (Yes, some of you can gasp!) As I got out of the truck I said, “I HATE shopping!” Richard laughed, thankful he isn’t married to a woman who likes to shop as he doesn’t enjoy it either. Thankfully the day we went it wasn’t too busy. Not really knowing what I wanted, the first jeweler had nothing that we liked but the second one hit the jackpot! You can see it above. This one is made of harder gold so should be Hovis proof! Regardless to say we purchased a warranty to go with it so that if Hovis does decide to be mischievous, the ring will be covered. The assistant had never had folks shopping for a new ring due to a parrot!

Counting our blessings.

Richard and Liz

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